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Bullet wound causing leg injuries needing a cane, movement and therapy with leg injuries

Searches: I've been going through the tags on this one and I've googled combinations of 'need cane bullet wound' , 'bullet wound leg limp', 'bullet wound needs cane to walk'. I'm afraid I still need some help though the searches turned up a few interesting sites. (This site was an interesting read about an accidental self shooting with pictures and treatments if anyone's interested).

Setting: Modern (current) time, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have a character that will be shot during the course of a police investigation, he's a detective in his late thirties/early forties I think but in good physical condition. I want him to have sustained more then one bullet wound while on duty. The other wounds that aren't leg related I was going to make minor injuries. One of the wounds needs to make him have a permanent limp that will take him off field work. (The point is he leaves to become a P.I. rather then 'ride a desk'). I was thinking of a a bullet or two in his upper thigh that possibly damaged muscle and also caused an infarction (I hope that's right) possibly because of the bullets themselves being lodged in the leg. I need the character to be able to use the leg in a limited fashion and I was assuming he would need physical therapy. I wanted him to be able to use a normal cane (I'm seeing the basic hook at the top wooden ones when I say 'normal') and be able to run/walk a bit without it but the leg just doesn't support him the way it should and tires easily and tends to hurt a lot if he over does it and doesn't use his cane. I also wanted him to be able to have gone through some painfully physical therapy to get to the point he's at.

Is this type of limp realistic considering the injury or would there be more damage?

I'm also assuming the that he would need to continue some sort of therapy even after he was deemed ready to leave regular physical therapy, would simple exercise be enough or would he need to do something more? (Example: Walking a certain amount or would he need something more specific to his injured leg?). I was also hoping to have at least one or two throw away lines from his doctor telling him take it easy on the leg and possibly do ' x' if he's going to be over doing it. (Massage the muscle, heating pad, etc). Is that plausible?

Also, pointing out any flaws in reasoning would be wonderful. This will be big part of the background of the fanfiction so I want to get the details right. Thanks in advance and please mention if I left something out.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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