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Northern Irish accents

Place: Northern Ireland
Time: 1970s - present
Google terms: "belfast accent", "derry accent", "londonderry accent", and a bunch of YouTube videos

I have a character (from a Catholic, working-class family from Derry City, if that's relevant) who is attempting to describe the differences between the Derry and Belfast (working-class) accents.  Trouble is, I'm American and I can't distinguish between the two unless I already know the speakers' origins.  And even then, I may just be fooling myself. :)

How would one casually (with adjectives) describe the difference?  E.g., is one rougher than the other, or flatter, or less nasal, etc.? 

Is it a subtle difference (do you have to listen for a bit before you can place the accent) or is it immediately apparent?  Is the difference apparent only to those native to Northern Ireland, or can people from other parts of Ireland and GB easily distinguish between the two? 

How would one "linguistically" describe the difference between the Derry and Belfast accents?  Are there particular vowel or consonant sounds that you would listen for in order to spot the difference?

ETA:  Thanks to everyone for their responses! 
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