Phina (delphinapterus) wrote in little_details,

Texans and Canadian Accents

I'm trying to figure out how a Canadian accent would sound to somebody who grew up in urban Texas like San Antonio or Dallas during 1980s. So far it seems like they would be able to recognize French accented English, although not the difference between Quebecois French and Parisian French. The Maritimes' accent should sound like a slow brogue with a fair number of breath pauses in it correct? My main problem is if a Texan would notice an accent for Canadians who live in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. There seems to be bit of conflict over if these provinces give their residents anything other than a generic flat midwest accents.

From google/wiki (main search terms: canadian accent, texas accent, regional accents, regional accent differences) I've got a general idea of what Canadian accents would sound like but I want to be much more specific about the regional differences.

Edit: Answered. Thank you all for the help.
Tags: canada (misc), usa: texas

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