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pocket pistols, shooting lessons and duels

I would need some words of advise concerning pistols. 18th century pistols, in fact. 

Character A, who is an experienced soldier, teaches character B, who is about to fight his very first duel, but never held a weapon in his hands before, how to shoot a gun. They practice with a small pocket pistol. 

Could B use said pistol in the duel, or would he be supposed to have special duelling weapons?

Would he carry the loaded pistol to the place where the duel is to take place, or load it in situ? (He has no seconds or servants). 

How will B most likely hold the pistol, when he picks it up for the first time? With one, or with both hands?

As for character A, what could he possibly forget to explain/ mention to B concerning the handling of the pistol, just because it seems too obvious for him?

And last but not least, when would B learn, whether or not satisfaction is reached with the first draw of blood? Would this be decided just before the fight starts, or would his adversary explain these details beforehand, in a letter?

(terms googled: 
pocket pistols - loading - 18th century - duels - duelling (and combinations of thereof)
Oh, and it it matters, the story is set in 1795, in Philadelphia.)

Thank you so much in advance!

Tags: 1790-1799, ~weapons: firearms

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