Traveller Blues (traveller_blues) wrote in little_details,
Traveller Blues

Anyone ever drive a big rig?

I'm not sure this is something that can really be looked up anywhere obvious, since no amount of 'book learning' can convey experience.

So... I'm playing with a story concept about a protagonist who drives an 18 wheeler. Can anyone out there answer these sorts of questions (apologies for the sheer number -- this is the 'initial research phase')?

1. Do people still use CB lingo, and are there still CB radios in trucks, or is it all wireless dispatch and cellphone stuff now?
2. What's the biggest difference in the 'ride feel' of a truck versus a car?
3. How many gallons are in a truck gas tank, and how much does filling up cost? How much of a mileage difference does having a sleeper cab take, and are they comfortable enough to live out of?
4. Do truckers get paid in advance, or do they need to front their own travel money and recoup-with-profit on arrival?
5. Are there still enough truck stops across the country where you can reliably hit one within 8 hour driving windows?
6. How hard is it to get on and off highways with the way people drive, and what do you do if you miss an exit?
7. Do you need special training/permits to carry different materials attached to the back of your truck?
8. What do the coily wires running down the back of a cab do, and how come not all big rigs have them?
9. What does it take to fix a jacknifed tractor trailer?

Thanks in advance...
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