it really, really, really could happen (willowcabin) wrote in little_details,
it really, really, really could happen

Specific Florida neighbourhoods.

I'm writing a story about a guy of Cuban descent from Florida. I'm trying to find a suitable neighbourhood for him to have grown up in - preferably somewhere around Miami or Hialeah. I have him as growing up in a pretty tough area and then falling in with gangs, drugs, violence, and so on, so it shouldn't be a wealthy or middleclass place! Any help and information on a specific neighbourhood would be very much appreciated, as I'm finding it very hard to get any information that isn't centred around making tourists travel to certain places, haha. I really want the sort of interesting details that can make a story come alive - awesome/gross bars, quirky stores, general attitudes at local high schools, interesting landmarks, stuff like that. Absolutely any information would be very welcome.

Oh, and he's in his early/mid thirties now, so he would have been around there about 10-15 years ago. Thank you in advance! :)
Tags: usa: florida

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