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Small town in America & Mid 60s Music

Where: Small town in America
When: Around 1964/1965
What's been searched: 'American small towns', 'life in America 1960s', some other variations of small towns etc. Also, 'american popular music', 'popular music 1960s', 'popular music vietnam war'

I come with two questions today. I've got sudden inspiration for writing a story set in America during the Vietnam war, and not being American I'm having a little trouble narrowing down a suitable setting for it. I realise I could make it up, but I was wondering if there wasn't an actual place that would fit nicely. So what I'm looking for is a small town, somewhere on the American coast, which is largely Catholic and which a 16 year old girl in 1964/65 would dream of getting away from to experience something a little more exciting.

I realise this second one has a lot to do with personal tastes, but I think it also might be affected a little by where she lives. It's not as important as where she lives, although I think it'll help set the mood when I'm writing :D

What sort of music is this 16 year old likely to be listening to? I was thinking probably the rock music with stuff like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, but I was looking for some other opinions :D

Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa (misc), ~music

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