Crabapple Red (crabapplered) wrote in little_details,
Crabapple Red

Car mechanic doing . . . stuff

This is one of those instances where I can't search for something properly because I have no clue how to describe it in a way as to get results.

Essentially, I want the ubiquitous "car mechanic goes under the car on the little wheeled board thingy and does . . . something" scene. But I have no clue what the mechanic would be doing since I know nothing of cars, or what the little wheeled board thingy is called. Could someone please tell me (on both counts)?

If it matters, the mechanic in question doesn't have a full shop set up. All his gear is makeshift, found, etc, and he's working in an old warehouse, so he doesn't have the huge shiny lift to raise a car up completely like I've seen in a few of the mechanic pictures.
Tags: ~cars

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