Ne invoces expellere non possis (kijikun) wrote in little_details,
Ne invoces expellere non possis

Abortion clinics in Cardiff

I've tried goggling this under several different headings and still haven't found clear answer.
Terms Goggled:
Cardiff abortion clinics
Abortions in Cardiff
abortions clinics in Wales

If a woman living in Cardiff wanted an abortion in the first or second month would she be able to get on in Wales or would she have to go into London for one if she wanted to use a private clinic?

I'm not asking about legality of abortions but availability of clinics.

I don't want to assume it was like in the states were you can just of to your local planned parent hood.

Its for a Torchwood fic (John Hart/Gwen) if anyone is wondering.

Edit: Yes, okay my google-fu failed me like whoa and I phrased my question badly. I wasn't asking about legality, I'm making my question more clear. Sorry for the confusion.
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: reproduction

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