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parks/green spaces and gay cruising spots in London

Setting: London, UK

Time period: It's a sort of a fantasy cross-over, so it's sort of a jumble- I have the geography of modern-day London in a world that is more or less feudal, with 18th-century technology. (And also magic, but that's not really important).

Googled: London parks, London park, London park history.

I am looking for a park or green space in London that was historically (or is, currently) used as a cruising or meet-up space for gay men, to meet covertly (especially in the days when it was illegal). I would also like this park to be in a rough or poor part of town, where perhaps other crimes are also likely to happen. Lots of trees or bushes would be great.

I searched London parks, London park, London park history etc on Google, and looked at the list on Wikipedia, but couldn't figure out if these were in poor areas and/or were gay cruising sites. Since most of the websites were for the parks themselves and wanted people to come visit them, I don't think they'd advertise those particular points. I also found a good list of gay cruising spots in London, but can't get a feel for how rough or dangerous these spots are, especially since the site is talking up places that are safer.

Bonus points if the park has a name easily translated into another language (for instance, a place like Green Park or Primrose Hill or something would be super easy, but I don't think I'll be using either of those). It's not a biggie as they could just use the English name, and worse comes to worse I just don't mention the name of it, but I'd like it have it there if I could.

Also, I know there are some cherry blossoms in London, are they planted in parks in large numbers, so you could have an area with loads of cherry blossoms, or along the paths?

Thanks everyone!

Edited to add: I did find lists of these places, but I don't really know which one to pick not being too familiar with London's geography. I'm basically looking for a Londoner's perspective, if that's possible- I know there's a lot of you on here! ;-)

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