Mindi Scott (mindiscott) wrote in little_details,
Mindi Scott

Desserts containing drugs.

Setting:  Contemporary U.S.A.  (I'm not sure where exactly, or even if it would take place in a city or a small town).
Google terms:  drug desserts, cookies high, sweet drug recipes, psychedelic drug desserts (as well as a bunch of other corny and non-helpful combinations).

I'm considering writing a scene where a sober teenage girl eats what she thinks is a regular, harmless food, but discovers it was laced with something not entirely harmless when she starts feeling unusual and/or tripping.  Pot brownies are the obvious choice, but I wanted it to be something a little more... unexpected.  

I did find a bunch of recipes online using marijuana that might end up being good options for this scene.  But I'm wondering, even if all the shake is strained out, would the foods still be likely to taste like pot?  Also, what other types of drugs are used in cooking, and for which foods?  Are there any that have stronger/more rapid effects than others?  Any that would be undetectable by taste?   What I'm hoping to find is something really delicious that the character might eat a bunch of without  being the least bit suspicious of it -- if such a thing exists.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Edit:  I was picturing this scene taking place at a party or green room maybe.  I don't think anyone will be up to anything nefarious or *trying* to get her high.  I was thinking it would just be a mistake she would make because she's kind of naive and is feeling awkward in this situation. 
Tags: usa: food and drink

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