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1900, England: Hiding pregnancy + legitmizing children

Setting: 1900, London, England

1. Lower/Working class girl, about 16/17, gets pregnant and tries, ultimately unsuccessfully to hide her pregnancy from her mother. She doesn't have any experience with pregnancy before (she's her single mother's only child, etc.), so about how long would it take her to figure out she's pregnant? How long would it take her mother to figure it out? I've heard of modern-day girls successfully hiding their entire pregnancies from their mothers, but my character will have fewer resources at her disposal so I'm wondering if it's not more likely for her to panic and just tell her mum after a certain point.

I Googled "hiding pregnancy," and "hiding pregnancy 1900s" but I got mostly advice for hiding it in the workplace/from friends, which were modern things (e.g., complaining about not having time to go to the gym explains the sudden weight gain).

2. The child is born out of wedlock because the father disappeared. Which last name would the mother likely give the baby? If they were to get married when Boyfriend turns up, how does this affect the child's status? If marriage doesn't "automatically" legitimize the child, is there anything else they can do? Or are they too poor for it to matter much?

Googled various combinations of "legitimacy," "marriage," and "Edwardian." (Found some things on what is automatically legitimate and what isn't but nothing about legitimizing an illegitimate child.)

Thanks if anyone can help. :) Hopefully I don't accidentally kill the story by creating an impossible situation!
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