into_the_sun (into_the_sun) wrote in little_details,

Arrest of parents - what happens to child?

Setting: modern-day US

Searched: "child custody at arrest", "foster care system", "minors and the judicial system", and all various combinations

A single mother gets arrested and will not be out of jail for a long time. At the time of her arrest, what happens to her only son (age 17)? There are no living relatives and no other legal guardians.

For plot purposes, I only need to know what happens to the child immediately after his mother is detained (as in the first 24-48 hours). Does he get taken to the detention center with his mom until a social worker comes and takes him to an orphanage in preparation for foster care? Is he placed in a temporary foster care home until a permanent home can be arranged?
Tags: ~law (misc)

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