Vagabond Sal (vagabondsal) wrote in little_details,
Vagabond Sal

Question for all you 19th-century European history buffs out there.

How believable would it be to have a pair of British sailors wandering about the streets of Napoleon-era France? I mean, I don't imagine that Brits were altogether barred from France during that period, despite the on-again/off-again/pretty much constant warfare going on between the two at the time, but...sailors? When the British and French fleets were engaged in a death match for oceanic supremacy, and Trafalgar was still fresh in everybody's memories? If I need to adjust this by a couple decades, i.e. move the setting on down to, say, the mid-nineteenth-century, that's not a problem--I'd rather err on the side of historical accuracy.

Also, how realistic would it be for the captain of a frigate 4th-class to attend the Acadèmie Royale de Musique with his navigator in tow? Again, I'm not married to the particulars of this idea, I just need my second character to be subordinate to the captain, but of sufficiently high rank that it wouldn't seem weird that he accompanies him to the opera.

Thanks in advance, any/all help is much appreciated.

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