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Amputation recovery time

When: Modern Day
Where: Japan (Tokyo region)
Scenario: Character I, a sixteen-year old male, is involved in a serious accident. His leg is crushed and the doctors have no choice but to amputate his left leg. The original amputation is below the knee, but due to complications they have to revise it to above the knee two days after the original surgery. Before the accident he was a healthy and active teenager who enjoyed running, if that makes any different to his recovery.

How long would it take for him to recover enough to be released from hospital, into the care of his current guardian, Character U? And how long would it take for him to be able to walk, first with the aid of crutches and then with a prosthesis? I remember that on JAG it took Budd a while to adjust after he lost his leg, but I can't remember the timing or details of his injury, and I don't know if that was realistic.

Searched: 'recovery time for an above the knee amputation in a teenage male' and variants of this. All I got was medical journals (too technical for me to understand) and news stories (too lacking in details) or information designed for old people who require amputations because of problems with their blood vessels (not really relevant and also lacking in the information I'm looking for).

Also, Character I's sisters were involved in the same accident. Sister K was killed immediately and Sister Y, who Character I tried to shove out of the way, died in hospital two days after the accident. How long would the doctors wait, or advise Character I's guardian to wait, before telling him that his sisters were killed? His father was recently killed as well, two months before the accident, and his mother has been dead for several years, if that makes any difference. Up until this point Character U was guardian in name only, as Character I was determined to care for his sisters himself, so Character I might not even trust him. I have no idea how to even start searching for this.
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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