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Disaster Area Response, Accommodations and Jurisdiction

Hello, all! 

I'm working on a story in which catastrophic floods devastate New Orleans yet again. My questions are: 

If the local police stations are flooded out, where and how do the police, Red Cross and National Guard initially establish base camps? Do they commandeer buildings that stand above the flood plane? Set up improvised shelters? Helicopter in prefab dwellings? All of the above? How do such organizations set up base camps, where do they lodge their people, do the organizations often work together in one camp, and how quickly can such camps be established?

I have a friend who worked with the Red Cross after Katrina; at that point, she and her compatriots were housed in a hotel. That was several months afterward, however. What's the first-response method for handling ground accommodations in a large-scale disaster area? 

I also know that Blackwater set up its own military "tent city" away from the other groups. Does the National Guard do the same? Or do they work with the local police in a joint effort? 

In either case, how does juristiction work? Does the National Guard trump the cops, or is it the other way around? 

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