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Blood-Borne Diseases/Viruses

Hi, there. Long-time pseudo-lurker and reader of all the awesome questions here.

It's finally time when I have an inquiry.

What kind of blood-borne diseases/viruses could you find in the United States right now? I have a vampire who happened to be really unlucky and suck some blood that wasn't actually as good as advertised, but I don't know many blood diseases/viruses that can be transmitted via the bloodstream (except, of course, AIDS) that fit the situation. This is humorous, not necessarily dark, so I thought I'd skip the obvious Big Red and find some other ones.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot. :)

EDIT! Sorry, I can see I obviously didn't do the best job clarifying myself. Umm...when it comes to researching, I DID look up some stuff in the Merck manual at my mom's house, as well as an Oxford Illustrated Medical Dictionary (or something of a similarly long title).  The only ones that glared to me from Merck were the Big Three -- AIDS, HEP A and HEP B, so I am now looking to you for guidance.

Whew. THAT was cleared up rather quickly. Thank you so much for all the suggestions and advice. It's a great help. 
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