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body decomposure and sex

hi. im writing a story for english class and i have questions about part of it. ive googled but didnt find anything helpful.

my story is very dark and mature. my character kittsy boyfriend dies but because he drunk the blood of a mermaid (dont ask lol^^) hes turned into a zombie. how long would it take for him to start smelling weird? he wears deodorant would that help? kitty has a really good sense of smell better than a humans.

kitty is a nice girl and she doesnt want to make him feel bad by dumping him so he stays with her in her house and their still boyfriend and girlfriend. how long before he starts to loose body parts? it doesnt matter if he looses unimportant stuff like fingers and toes as lnog as he and kitty can still have kids.

finally how to people get rid of zombies? i know in movies if you cut them up small enough they cant come after you anymore but how to people really do it?

eta: i just wanted answers to my questions i dont want to be harassed because of my beliefs. thats discrimination. im not going to reply anymore because im leaving the community. thanks to the helpful people. ill pray for the unicorns to watch over you.

ETA Apr 02, 3:44PM: To those of you that wondered why your comments were screened or why you were the only one that realized the joke: all comments mentioning April Fools were screened until today. Happy April Fools, everybody.
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