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Abduction, Mental Disorders, 90's Japan

Setting: Japan, mid-nineties (Definitely Bubble Economy, pre-recession). Originally was going to be Imabari, moved to Kyoto.

Searches: tried (on several websites, google, yahoo, wikipedia, etc.) various combinations of 'Japan', 'mental retardation', 'treatment', 'health care system', 'stigma', 'missing persons' 

Found a lot on rehabilitating schizophrenics and attacks on foreign teachers, but nothing desired.

Scenario: A teenager with a communication disorder (seemingly autistic spectrum), certainly falling under the classification of mental retardation according to Japanese Health Care protocol, is abducted by a foreigner (who justifies the abduction based on the stigma of being an 'incomplete Japanese'). The kidnapper employs him as a lackey, but there is a glaring plothole that needs to be resolved.


1. How likely is it that the police will actively hunt for a mentally handicapped citizen, especially in a city the size of Kyoto? (Allowing the conceit that the kidnapping was a dead-of-night event and the boy was prone to wandering off?) 
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement

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