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University course registration in the 1920s

How would you sign up for courses if you were a university student in 1921? The university is in a largeish city, so I suppose punchcards may be within the realm of possibility, but if anyone could shed light (or more specific light) on this situation, I'd be very grateful. :)

Googling for various permutations of "1921 course registration" and "1920s course sign-up" brings me no joy whatsoever. :(

ETA: Fair enough. The courses in question are a broad mixture (it's all linked back to the paranormal and occult, but there's a variety of courses ranging from hard science to literature to divinity to archaeology...), the university is in a municipality most similar to Boston, Massachusetts.), and the student is a third-year student, so they wouldn't have to deal with admissions stuff.
Tags: history (misc), usa: massachusetts

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