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Trauma-Based Mental Regression in Autistic Adult

Setting: present day, maybe slightly in the future.

I tried "child regression", "age regression", and
"regression" and got porn, therapy, and math, in that
order. Then I tried "regression psychology" and got
more on-topic, but nothing in depth, just blurbs.

I have a character in his late 20s. Due to a traumatic
incident, he's going to regress to a child state,
around mentally six.

What will his memory be like? My mom (a psych nurse)
said that people who regress usually think they've
become children again rather than thinking that
they've always been or anything like that, but since
his regression is due to a traumatic experience where
he force-forgot the incident in question, how will the
rest of his life be affected? Will he wonder how he
suddenly got so tall or anything?
His parents died between then (when he was really six)
and now, so will he wonder where they went?

To complicate things, he's mildly autistic (I'd say
Aspie). He's been socialized well for most of his
life, due to his social standing, but will he be
likely to retreat owing to either the regression or

How long will such a state last, anyway? The story I'm
planning will take place in a single afternoon
probably a week or so after the trauma. Would it be
concievable for this to last some time?

And he's in the care of the family servants. What
should they know about his condition? Just the basics,
what they're most likely to find out.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: autism

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