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Courtroom Protocol

Damn me for loving criminal justice shows without having any actual knowledge of the criminal justice system outside of 'Don't break the law'....

So, I have a character (Lindsay Monroe from CSI: New York) who is testifying in a criminal trial. (For those of you familiar with the fandom, this is taking place during "Sleight Out of Hand".) She is dressed appropriately for the trial, but brought in a bag of clothes to change into afterwards. So my question is: where would she leave her personal belongings while testifying? Is there some sort of special waiting area for this, does it vary from courthouse to courthouse? I HAVE NO IDEA. I just don't think she would have been carrying it around with her because the bag needs to be big enough to fit a cowboy hat (LOLZ), so it's going to be kind of hefty, and not a little purse that she would carry with her. Could she even do that, or would she have to leave it out in the car?

Additional information that might be important: though Lindsay is a CSI, in this case she is testifying about a crime she witnessed when she was very young. She used to testify as an expert witness at this courthouse all the time, however, so there might be people still working there that she knows.

I've been in very few courtrooms and no lists I could find of courtroom protocol addressed this, so i don't really know how else to go about looking for something this random and specific.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city

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