alex51324 (alex51324) wrote in little_details,

Chicago Factories in the 80's

I'm looking for a name for a specific company (or even a general industry) that would've been a significant source of manufacturing jobs in the Chicago area in the early 80's; preferably one that went belly-up (or moved overseas, or otherwise went bye-bye) in the 90's.  

What I have in mind is for a working-class character to apply for a job there (in the early 80's), thinking they'd be set for life, but a perceptive reader might realize that the job would no longer exist a decade or so later.  You know, situational irony.  I can make something up, but it would be cool to use a real factory if someone knows of one that would work. 

Edit:  Found, thnks!
Tags: usa: illinois

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