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Two nice, cheery questions. (Hah.)

1. If someone had their hand pinned to a flat, horizontal surface (e.g. a table) using a knife, how much permanent damage would they be expected to incur?
(Assume they were too shocked/afraid to struggle much.)

2. (This second question is probably easiest to explain in context...)
A character has been stabbed in the back. The blade's punctured her lung; she's dying and in considerable pain. It's obviously too late to save her, so another character decides to put her out of her misery, as it were. Considering the only weapons to hand are the knife she was stabbed with, her own pistol and the other character's sword, what would be the quickest (and preferably least painful) way of killing her?
(The other character may also possibly be strong enough to break her neck, so that's another option. In addition, it would be good plot-wise if the character's body remained fairly intact, although I can probably work round that if needed!)

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