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This is a difficult question and I don't know if my story would work with these conditions, but:

Does anyone know what security is like among Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp personnel? How much clearance would someone need to get onto the base if a high-ranking officer wanted to bring her there? This person is not in the military, is not a journalist, not a contractor/doctor/lawyer/interpreter.*

Googled: "guantanamo security" and "guantanamo security -homeland," which got me mainly information about how chaplains and reporters are threats to national security; "guantanamo visitor," which told me about how you can go up a hill and look at the base through a telescope and buy stuff with iguanas on in the gift shop; "guantanamo guest" brought up guest bloggers and guest houses/hotels; "guantanamo family" told me about prisoners' families, "guantanamo family personnel" a bit more useful, "guantanamo family clearance" not helpful.

*(If anyone's interested in knowing, I'm trying to figure out how a modern version of Tosca could work. Ideally this visitor is an actress that said officer is interested in.)

Edit: Apparently family members of the military live on the base? This makes it more convenient, but how much proof would the officer need that she's related to him? How close would she be able to get to the prison if she's staying in the family quarters?
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