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American tourists in Japan. / Japanese sports fans + American athletes = ???

When: Present day

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Searched: Googled for "Japanese reaction to American tourists" and got some amusing results but none that really helped me. Also found some information on Wikipedia about tourism in Tokyo and various tourist sites that could be helpful, but again, not specific to my question.

Situation: My character is an American professional athlete in Tokyo, Japan for the first time, with his team. I envisioned a scene in which the main character goes to popular Tokyo tourist sites with some of his teammates.

a) How would Japanese people (just passing by on the street, or interacting with the character) react to meeting a professional American athlete? Would they be unimpressed overall? Would they want his autograph? Would they throw their underwear at him?
b) What is the sports fan culture in Japan? Do Japanese fans follow American sports well enough, that they would be able to recognize an American athlete? Or would he just be Generic Sporty Looking White Guy to them? Would his being a baseball player make a significant difference in recognition factor?
c) If this American character and a teammate (presumably American as well) go to, say, Tokyo National Museum would they be provided with a tour guide and a translator? How would a tour of the museum be conducted? Would they go in a group, or would they be able to arrange a smaller tour?
d) What kind of television programs would one generally find on a hotel TV? (I'm thinking Tokyo Dome Hotel.)
e) Would the athletes room together or do you think they would be given individual rooms? I don't know if teams still do this; I've heard conflicting reports about whether or not this practice has been discontinued.

All right, I think that's it. Thanks for any/all help! If I've missed anything, please let me know so I can fix my post.
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