thebootyfaerie (thebootyfaerie) wrote in little_details,

Length of Psychiatric Hospital Stays

I have a character who spent some time in a psychiatric hospital for anorexia.  She is just out and being watched at home by her family, in addition to weekly counseling sessions and weigh-ins to make sure she's not backsliding.

How long would her stay have been?  I only need it for one line (mentioning how she was away for X amount of time), and I can work around it.  The character in question did not have a very severe case; it was caught pretty early, and she's shown response to counseling.

(Also, if anyone in here has more experience with eating disorders and wouldn't mind giving a quick read-over when this is done, I would love you forever.  It's a one-act play about the girl's internal conflict and her family's conflict when she comes home.  It's something that I have limited experience with, and I want to do the topic justice.)
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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