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Photographers for porn magazines

OK, I have a guy who is a photographer by profession in canon, in the 1990s in the U.S., and that's about all we know.

I was thinking that it might not be impossible that he took photos for porn magazines at some point in his life and then went on to other stuff. (I guess we do also know that he isn't particularly freaked out by porn, so it seems to make sense.) I'm thinking something about like Penthouse but I don't need to name the magazine either.

The thing is I know nothing about photography as a profession. Would taking pictures for porn magazines be considered some kind of low-class thing a "real" photographer would never want to do or admit he did? (I'm not trying to insult the porn industry here myself, just asking what people might think about it.) Or would people just cheerfully put that on their resume because hey, someone takes those pictures too? I know it would vary strongly between individuals but I'm wondering whether it's something common that a photographer would be likely to take in stride or not. And does the idea that someone would do it for money when starting out make sense at all, or is it a more specialized industry that only certain people go into?

I can't believe I'm doing research for a fanfic that's a short one-shot PWP...
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