fashion metal riot (hi_falootin) wrote in little_details,
fashion metal riot

psychological condition called something like "parent child"?

I swear there is a psychological name for what a person who spent their childhood taking care of their parent instead of being taken care of by said parent might experience.

I thought it was called "parent child," which I remember from a conversation with a friend in therapy, but now I can't find any indication of such a condition on the internet.

It's just mentioned in passing in my story (set in the US, a couple years ago) so I don't need much detail on the condition itself. I'd mostly like to confirm that there is such a term and whether I have it right or wrong. Or if someone knows of a different term describing a similar thing. ETA: The term is "parentified child." Would such a term be found in a psychology text book?
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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