firecausesburns (firecausesburns) wrote in little_details,

Volleyball solo training

I tried searching for this on Google, but only managed to find websites selling books on the topic, or information about solo training for other sports with a passing mention somewhere of volleyball.

How would a volleyball player train alone at home? This is for a YA novel. The character is a 16-year-old who has played on school teams for several years and is a strong player on her school Firsts team. She trains with her team twice a week, but in between training sessions and in between seasons she spends a lot of time practising on her own. She owns a couple of balls but doesn't have access to a net. Are there some ball drills or something that she can do on her own without needing a net? I want to go into some detail on how she trains, although not too precise.
Tags: ~sports (misc)

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