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Modern day cruise ship security

When?: Modern day
Where?: Pirate infested waters
Scenario: Six young men who happen to belong to five very rich and politically/economically powerful Japanese families are on a cruise with their poorer friend. The cruise liner is very top-of-the-line and expensive (think multi-billionaire rich). The ship is attacked by pirates, and the poor friend is taken hostage along with one or two of the guys who were trying to protect her.

What I need to know is, what sort of security or defenses do modern cruise ships have against pirates? Are weapons kept on board for certain trained personnel to use, or do crew have to improvise. I would assume that modern pirates would be using motorboats and automatic weapons now. Would the exclusiveness of the liner and the wealth factor of its passengers affect the security arrangements in any way. Where in the Pacific can pirates be found now? Would navy ships assist a vessel that isn't registered to their country (i.e. a Royal Navy ship assisting a Japanese ship)?
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