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Consent for Medical Treatment

Google searched: consent treatment, medical consent, consent to treat incapactitated person

Time: Modern Day
Setting: New York or New Jersey

This is my first time posting. I have tried to use the internet to find the information but the links I am bringing up do not cover what I am looking for.

 MMC1 is 24 years old. He is severely injured in a robbery. His parent/guardian is out of the country and can not be reached. The only available family is his 16 year old brother. The injuries render the 24 year old comatose. I have two questions:

1 - I know many medical procedures require consent to be preformed, either from the patient or family. Would 16 year old be able to consernt to treatment for him? If not, who might legally be able to provide that consent in loco parentis so to speak? What kind of proof, if any would the consenter need? What would be the minimum age roughly (ballpark) for consent?

2 - What kinds of procedures could be performed prior to the consent being obtained? Would they really require any treatment consent?

Thank you so much.

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