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Scientists: angry, drunk, and ugly

I'm looking for the names of three scientists who were at least semi-famous for their accomplishments and infamous for a bad temper, alcoholism, and being extremely unattractive. Honestly, they don't even have to be real scientists if you can think of a fictional character who applies.

(My character is naming his pets after them, if anyone was curious.)

I've Googled "list of famous scientists," variations of scientist + drunk/temper/alcohol, and I Wikipedia'd several of the names that came up on lists of famous scientists, but I can't seem to find any. I'm hoping some of you just happen to know historical science gossip. hahaha

ETA: My housemate says Thomas Edison was prone to temper tantrums, so I guess that's one down.

Looks like Tycho Brahe (even though he actually died of poison?) is infamous for being a lush nonetheless.

That just leaves UGLY. :) Ugly scientists, anyone? Diseased works too because of the nature of the pet who'll be named after him/her.

ETA #2: Okay, I got them. Thank you! (And if you're interested in scientists who hate each other, read these comments! hahaha!)
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