Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote in little_details,
Morgan Briarwood

Hebrew translation?

I've been looking for a website that will give me a Hebrew version of the Torah, but in Roman (English) script, rather then in Hebrew script, as I can't read Hebrew. There seem to be several websites that do this, but only for the first few books. I need the Book of Job. this site was the only resource I could find and it's in Hebrew script.

What I'm really looking for is the exact Hebrew pronunciation of the name translated into English as "Satan", and how it would be written/spelled in Roman letters. (I figure maybe the written version is the same as the English, but I don't want to take that for granted.)

Searches I've tried: hebrew, jewish, judaism, bible, torah, job, book of job and a bunch of variations/combinations of these (Google naturally thinks by "job" I mean work - it's frustrating!)

ETA: Answered! You are all fantastic!
Tags: ~languages: hebrew, ~religion: judaism

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