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On the time required for completion of large tattoos

Okay, I've searched a bunch of tattoo FAQs, "tattoo sessions" and "tattoo completion (time)" and I have also searched the tags in this community, but I'm not finding the time estimates I'm looking for.

I managed to get a lot of good info on healing and what it actually feels like and aftercare out of a friend with tattoos, but hers are small and only took one or two sessions to do, so she wasn't able to help me here.

Basically, I have this character, and I'd like to know how long it would have taken for him to get these tattoos done. (Yeah, he's a weird urban fantasy race with wings and horns and a tail, and yeah the tattoo does go about a foot down his tail which I imagine to be super painful considering how painful I hear tattoos over the spine are.)

Assuming modern tattooing technology, how many hours over how many sessions over how many weeks (I've heard you need to wait 2 weeks between sessions?) would be a rough estimate for something like this? I don't have any specific parameters that I'm looking to fit, since he got these ages before the story starts, I just want to know in case it ends up coming up (I have a few chars who'd ask for details like this so it pays to know).

[Edit] You guys are lovely. Thanks for all the awesome answers! (And if anybody's still got more assorted info to give, go for it.)
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos

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