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Mental/physical state of a female 10-12 year old who has stopped growing

Been a while since my last post so please yell if I do this wrong, I tried tagging the post myself because I couldn't remember if I was supposed to or not.

Setting: Modern day or a little in the future, America

I've some some useful links through googling and read some articles about how someone this age should act but I'm looking for how she might act after an extended period of not growing physically but developing mentally and am a little stuck on how to google or wiki this.

The background is that she was turned somewhere between the age of 10 and 12. This is frowned on in (my) vampire society as child vampires often go insane for obvious reasons. The vampire that turned her is destroyed (for more then just turning her) but she is 'raised' by a vampire who takes her in. I was planning on her being from England (though that's still flexible as is the time period as a lot of the work is in the planning stage) and she has since migrated to to the US. She is now staying with her lover (title only as they don't actually have sexual relations but are in love) who poses as her brother and caregiver as needed.

I assume living for several decades as a child with no hope of growing old would begin to wear on you after a while as you developed mentally but not physically. I'm also thinking that the fact she was just beginning puberty and at the stage where she would start to like guys would be frustrating because she likes boys/men but obviously can't act on it. What I'm looking for is how someone like this would behave. I personally see her having childish moments (laughing, playing, running around like a 'typical' child) offset by very serious moments when she acts her age and is very depressed about the situation and not being a 'real' woman.

Any help would be wonderful. Opinions, thoughts, discussion is all welcome. Thanks!

ETA: I'm also very interested in anything I might be missing about her physical abilities at this point. Could she mature as well because of her brain being stuck as a 10-12 yr old? Is there a physical reason she would think differently?
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