Wicked Writing Wench (perverted_pages) wrote in little_details,
Wicked Writing Wench

Mortuary fridge doors

Location: Los Angeles

Time: Present day.

Searches: Google ("mortuary fridge", locks, door ; "mortuary fridge", door ; "mortuary fridge", door ; "mortuary fridge", door, -advertisements) All I got were companies that supplied them but no information I could use. If there's a better search string I'd appreciate it just as much.

Question: Can a person who's been locked inside a mortuary fridge (you know, those big banks of slabs that go into one refrigeration unit with the bodies on roll out slabs each with their own door. Usually covering a wall.) get out without outside help easily? What I mean is, every time I've seen them on CSI or whatever crime show I happen to be watching each one of those doors has a handle that needs to be cranked from the outside to break the seal before the door opens. If someone were locked inside could they conceivable push or kick hard enough at the door to open it from the inside? I can work either into the plot, one's just shorter to write.

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