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Mourning Bands in 1920s America

It's 1921 in Arkham (roughly equivalent to Boston), and Someone Very Very Beloved And Important To The Plot has died. The local community goes into mourning, and... well, that's the question.

Would the wearing of mourning bands be appropriate to this time and place? If so, how would they be acquired? (Would you sew them in the home? Would shops sell them? Does everyone keep a few kicking about in the bottom of an old trunk?) Would they be worn on one arm, or both? Would they be pinned in place, or would they just be tight enough to stay there on their own?

And, most importantly of all: how much would someone not wearing a band stick out? Would they be ignored? Would there be quiet "tut-tutting" going on? Would it be a Very Big Deal?
Tags: ~clothing

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