wonder dork powers activate! (atrypical) wrote in little_details,
wonder dork powers activate!

Legal Guardianship Rules/Legal Guardianship by Siblings

Setting is modern day US (not sure exactly where in the country, probably somewhere in the northeast/midwest part).

Already googled: legal guardianship requirements, legal guardian, legal guardianship rules

I have two brothers. Their parents are killed (I'm not sure if it's a hit-and-run or something else), and they have no close family (I'm thinking they're either overseas somewhere/don't care about that branch of the family) - basically, the kids are on their own. One of them is six years older than the other (though this can be tweaked, if needed - I don't want to go over a ten year difference, though).

I'm not sure at what age the parents should be killed off, because I don't know what the rules about siblings becoming legal guardians are. The older sibling is pretty smart, and would likely have researched the laws about it.

So basically, at what age can a sibling become another sibling's legal guardian, and what would be required?

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