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archer heights, chicago, il in the 1970s

Context: I'm writing a due South fanfic (there's a Mountie and a Chicago cop, that's really all you need to know) that's going to revisit Ray Kowalski's old neighborhood. My friend, a Chicago native, helped me pick out Archer Heights as the likely neighborhood where he would have grown up, given his background, family situation, etc. Google Maps hasn't gotten around to photographing Archer Heights/Brighton Park, but I've looked at some real estate photos, etc. and have a general sense of the neighborhood as it is now, and plus my friend can answer a lot of my questions.

The Problem: My friend can't tell me what Archer Heights was like in the '70s because, well, she wasn't born yet!

The Question: What was Archer Heights like in the 70s, when Ray Kowalski was growing up? What are some likely events/activities that he would remember, or things he would have done with his friends? (Ray will meet an old friend from the neighborhood and they'll reminisce about old times.) What are some specific things that would have changed that he would notice? Any landmarks that have been torn down/remodeled, favorite shops that have closed/been replaced? Bear in mind that this is 1997/98, so if the library closed in 2001, he won't know about that yet. :)

Thanks! You guys are the greatest!
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