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Manly Booze

I have no idea where to even start looking for this.

Setting is a dance club with bar, modern-day urban fantasy. So more looking for a type of drink than specific brand names.
My MC is something of a tomboy, and as the story will not provide much opportunity for this to be shown in other ways, I'd like for her to ask for a sterotypical "manly" drink of some sort. Only I have no clue what that'd be. She's there mainly for the dance floor and is mostly hitting the bar because she's interested in someone who happens to be sitting there, if it makes a difference.

Also, any ideas what said drink tastes like etc would be great.
I'd go out and do my own research, but I have the alcohol tolerance of a gnat and no local friends to get me home if I get wasted.

Thank you.

EDIT: Very grateful for all the answers, you've been marvellously helpful. Sounds like I'm going with whiskey for the good girl. Mainly because I'm personally having trouble percieving beer as manly (living in university town and playing WoW with a beer-loving German lady will do that).

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