ex-girl (eelpot) wrote in little_details,

Walking on a wounded leg

When: present day/slightly futuristic

Where: England, one of the larger cities (most likely Birmingham).

Searched: different combinations of "morphine", "walking", "standing" and so on. Read a few military first aid guides, but most of them were from WWII.

Situation: My MC has been shot in the leg. The wound isn't very serious, it has been treated by some experienced friends. Although it hurts and will most likely become infected in a couple of days, there is no immediate risk of complications.

He is arrested, and wants to hide his injury from the police (at least for a few hours). He's used an auto-injector with morphine to dull the pain, and bandaged his ankle to try blaming his inability to walk on that leg on a sprain.

He has to walk down a flight of stairs and into a waiting police car, most likely handcuffed since he's wanted for murder.

Besides trying to seem uninjured, he is cooperating fully with the police.

Question: Will he be able to put any weight at all on that leg? Just enough to limp? Or will he have to skip or lean on someone to get to the police car?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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