Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition (wowthatisminty) wrote in little_details,
Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition

Spinal Cord Injuries/ Feeling

I am writing a screenplay. It takes place in Kansas in the present.

My protagonist, Destiny, is the sole survivor of an car accident. She is sent from Ithaca, NY (kind of a shout-out to the Odyssey), to the fictional town of Westville, KS to live with her godparents.

Destiny is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. However, close to the end of the story, she loses her virginity to her boyfriend Tin.

I have googled "paralysis legs sexual function" and "sex after injury women."

Is there a type of injury, sustained in a car crash, that would take away the use of someone's legs permanently but still allow them full sexual feeling and function?

She does not lose her legs in the crash, only the use of them.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~sex

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