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Complete or near-complete hearing loss due to head trauma

I am working on a fanfiction in which the main character suffers from complete or near-complete, permanent hearing loss due to head trauma. I need any information people can give me on levels of hearing loss and the treatments thereof. More specifically, I need it to be either completely uncorrectable or nearly so. (I'm under the impression that this is pretty rare. What variables would there need to be for this to happen?) I also need to know how that would happen (I am under the impression from the research I was able to do that one can have permanent hearing loss from head trauma. How would one need to be hit to permanently lose one's hearing in both ears?). I'll also take any information (as detailed as you can give me, some of the characters in the story are doctors) on permanent hearing loss that you have. Really. Anything that might be relevant.

Setting: This is a fanfiction set in the Naruto universe, some time after the current manga chapter. This means that they, theoretically, are about as technologically advanced as we are, with the exception of weapons, and their medics can heal reasonably minor injuries very quickly using chakra (just think of it as magic...). The main character of the fic (Sasuke) is now back in his home village, from which he was absent for... about four years, I think. He's now back to taking missions with his team.

Research: I googled 'hearing loss', 'permanent hearing loss', cochlear implant,' and  'hearing loss head trauma' among other, similar keywords that I can't remember now (sorry). I found out that permanent hearing loss is usually damage to the cochlea, and that a way to partially correct for it is with a CI, though in this case I don't want that to be an option, since the main character can't exactly carry around an obvious hearing device and still do his job.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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