doNUT! (donutgirl) wrote in little_details,

effects of punching a car window

Where: America
When: today

Google search: window+punch+hand+injury

My google search turned up a number of articles in medical journals about so-called "boxer's fracture" and other related injuries. But those were all collected from people who were hurt seriously enough to bother going to the hospital. What I need to know is if it's possible to punch a car window and *not* sustain any serious injury. Obviously, even if that is possible, those incidents will be underrepresented in medical journals, so I'm mostly looking for personal experiences.

More info: my character is a 16 yr old male, sober, who punches a side window of a car with his bare fist. His fist does not penetrate completely -- he basically just cracks the glass, causing it to crackle and eventually (when he slams the door, later) fall out of the frame.

Is it possible/believable that he would bloody his knuckles with this punch, but not need any greater medical attention than cleaning out the wounds and slapping on a couple of bandaids?
Tags: ~cars

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