Ambular (amberdiceless) wrote in little_details,

Any experts on Scottish tartans?

Hullo, all! What a great idea for a community!! :D

I'm trying to figure out whether McGonagall (or MacGonagall?) was a real clan, and if so, whether it had a tartan of its own or was beholden to another clan whose tartan it would use. So far the only references I've been able to find (outside Harry Potter fandom, which is what I'm writing for, but which is absolutely silent on this matter) is to the dubious poet William McGonagall, and I can't find anything about his having a family tartan, only using other peoples'. None of the big commercial sites that sell tartan fabric and clothing have been of any help. And I can't get to a library right now, I need an online reference. Help?
Tags: europe (misc)
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