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Dreams Spun from Shadows

Child with night terrors: first session with a psychologist

I need the expertise of a child psychologist or general psychologist regarding a seven-year old boy's first session. I googled key terms and came up with locked articles or tips for parents seeing a psychologist for the first time.

This boy is suffering from night terrors, and has no recollection of what keeps frightening him except for some hazy images. This story is darker fantasy, so the cause IS supernatural. However, I need to know what questions are asked in a child's interview, and what therapy is recommended for this child to ease his problem.  How many sessions a week? Length and any details (tests or toys to play with; I'm guessing here at this point). How costly would these sessions be? Parents are also stressed, not sleeping, and fighting with one another.

And when the treatment is unsuccessful (it will be), what other course of action could the parents take?

Edit: This story takes place in America, and if you want to get technical: Michigan, in the following cites of Pontiac, Detroit, and West Bloomfield...maybe Waterford as well, oh and White Lake (though, not sure on that one).

Would have been in the nineties this child saw the psychologist. Apologies for assuming people would know where my story took place. I thought everyone could mind-read like me. (That last was a joke) :D
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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