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Size of medieval lady's wardrobe?

Setting: Fantasy, but based very heavily on late 13th, early 14th century western Europe. (Some things are fudgeable, but I'm trying to make this realistice.)

Googled: Medieval women's wardrobe, amount of medieval women's clothing, size of medieval wardrobe, etc

I have a good idea of what was worn in this period and who was wearing it, but I need to know how many items of clothing a lady would have. This family isn't anything close to spectacularly rich, but they are landed minor nobles. The father is a knight, the mother is basically a jumped-up merchant, and they have 11-year-old twins (one girl, one boy) and a three year old girl. They are vassals of a very great house, and they maintain a good deal of land for them. There is a fortified hall, a small river, farming, and very good grazing lands for sheep/goats. A great deal of the land's income is from wool.

Anyways. I'm wondering how much clothing the members of the family would realistically have. I'm particularly interested in the women, but it would be good to know about the father and the son as well. Since so much of their livelihood comes from wool, I'm assuming they would wear a lot of it, especially since linen could be so damn uncomfortable during this time. (Edit for clarity: The book I'm reading now--Daily Life in the Middle Ages by Paul Newman-- indicates that linen was for the most part very rough and coarse during this period, and that fine, soft linen was very expensive. Of course, these are nobles, so that might not be such an issue, but.) The elder daughter is in the midst of betrothal negotiations atm, if that effects the amount of clothing she'd have.

Thanks, all!
Tags: 1200-1299, 1300-1399, europe: history, ~clothing, ~middle ages

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