relmneiko (relmneiko) wrote in little_details,

hospital stay in the US/chronic illness

The setting is a fictional location, but for the purposes of this it's pretty much the United States.

The character in question has no medical insurance. Roughly how much, per day, would they owe for staying in the hospital? Would minor surgery cost extra?

A same character has a form of chronic anemia, and attempts suicide by slitting her wrists (thus the hospital stay). How would the blood loss aggravate her condition, or does it depend on the type of anemia? Are there any other chronic illnesses which could be aggravated/have an relapse be triggered by this method of suicide particularly, or could some other method set off some other illness?

She's only a minor character, rather, someone else is going to be saddled with her hospital bills and I need them to be as expensive as possible.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: illnesses to order

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