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life of an ancient greek potter

This is driving me nuts.

I need to know where an ancient Greek potter would have lived. He's working on red ground pottery, so we're talking around 530 BC here, or some time shortly thereafter. Right now I have him in Athens, but I'm not even sure about that-- would a potter live in the city, or would he live somewhere else and 'commute' in to sell his pots?

What I really need to know is what the view outside his window would be. What would the houses look like? Would he be seeing big buildings, the classic Athenian structures, or...? A residential neighborhood? Fields? If he'd be seeing a residential neighborhood, what would that look like? I know the houses were generally mud brick covered in plaster, with pottery tile roofing and bare windows, but I'm not clear on the exact architecture, and the more specifics I can get, the better it'd be.

Basically, would a Greek potter-- we can assume he's a master craftsman, and not just an apprentice, since my character's older-- live in a residential neighborhood, or some sort of craftsman neighborhood (what on earth would THAT look like?), in the city, or....? And what would his neighborhood look like?

I've searched variations and combos of "530 BC ancient greek life athens potter living quarters home house," and I keep getting stuff about the pots themselves and the designs on them, which is nice, but not what I need. Any help you lot could render would be much appreciated!
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